Building a financial future starts with your planner

Instead of a New Year’s resolution, a team of Investment Advisors has an idea for people to improve their financial situation one step at a time.

“There are no get rich quick solutions,” says Karin Rimnyak, a member of the team, called Action Financial Group, iA Private Wealth. “Building a solid financial future takes work and dedication.”

According to Rimnyak, and the team’s other Investment Advisors Ian Barrie and David Dryburgh, being better informed and committing to some small regular effort can make a big difference.

“People who work with a financial advisor end up better off, not because of fees or returns – although these are also important – but because an advisor helps develop a plan and helps you stick with the plan when you might go off course on your own,” Rimnyak asserts.

The team of independent financial planners provides investment and financial planning advice, financial services and products to individuals and families.

“This includes investments, insurance, estate planning, tax planning and budgeting,” states Rimnyak. “In short, all things financial.”

As a way to help clients and the public stay informed and educated, Rimnyak created a Financial Orientation Series consisting of 52 weekly articles, covering a wide variety of financial subjects.

“I wrote from scratch because while there are other sources of information, we did not find the existing material easy to understand or thorough enough,” she explains. “The articles can be found on our website,, in the resources section. Or you can subscribe to receive one article each week by email by contacting us.”

Using plain language, Rimnyak says these articles provide information that will help individuals become better informed.

“Better informed means they are able to make better decisions for themselves,” she adds.

She says they’ve gotten positive feedback from clients who appreciate that the team talks to them in terms that they can understand.

“They trust us to recommend what is best for them,” she states.

Rimnyak says individuals and families who recognize the value of advice and working with a professional should reach out to Action Financial Group for certified help and guidance with their finances.

And she says when it comes to financial planning, the team’s message is clear: “We listen. We talk in plain language. We get results.”

Karin Rimnyak – BBA, MBA, R.F.P., CLU, Certified Financial Planner ®