How financial planners can help ease unexpected costs

A financial planner helps map out your financial future, execute that plan and then stay the course.

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional and an Investment Advisor at HollisWealth®, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. and Action Financial Group, Karin Rimnyak and her team in St. Thomas believe when planning for the future, clients must be aware of knowns and unknowns.

Many people save for a house, car, their children’s education or retirement. But things pop up that can cause financial strife, such as unexpected car repairs or a family illness. “As investors, we need to have money tucked aside in an emergency fund,” Rimnyak said.

Preparing for unknowns — a house fire, a car accident, getting sick on holiday — is why people purchase insurance.

“We hope these things don’t happen, but if and when they do, you’ve taken steps to protect yourself,” she said. “That’s who financial advisors are. We’re here to help people with those unknowns.”

Action Financial Group was founded in 1980, and Rimnyak joined the practice in 1995 as a Junior Financial Advisor. Today, as Senior Investment Advisor, Rimnyak leads an outstanding team that includes Associate Investment Advisor Gerald MacKichan, Licensed Assistant David Dryburgh and Administrative Assistants Shelley Leblanc and Nancy Watson.

In today’s industry, the buzz word is fees. And, because of that, some people forego professional advice and do it themselves. However, numerous studies show people who work with financial advisors have more money than those who do not.

Financial planning is a lot like getting healthy, Rimnyak said. If you want to drop 20 pounds, you could do it on your own. But by joining a walking club or hiring a personal trainer, you’ll receive encouragement and are more likely to succeed.

“We help plan, give advice and execute the plan,” Rimnyak said. “Good advice will keep you stuck to the plan, even if you want to change it.”

While stock market corrections occur every so often, markets have been very robust over the past several years. The recent turbulence underscores the importance of working with a financial advisor.

“We were going up too long and too fast. You have to shake things up a bit and then settle to a level,” she said. “Working with an advisor helps you focus on the long-term objectives so you’re not getting caught up in the rhetoric of what you’re reading in the newspaper or seeing on TV. Instead, you’ll stick to your long-term goals.”

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