Make sure life insurance is in your financial toolbox

Life insurance is a financial tool. If it is used for the right purpose it can do a great job.

“Life insurance is a misunderstood and maligned product,” says Karin Rimnyak, Investment Advisor with Action Financial Group, iA Private Wealth and Insurance Advisor with Action Financial Group LTD* in St. Thomas.

“If you’re using the right tools for the job, life insurance can be a very good tool for things in addition to protection.”

When we think of life insurance the obvious thing it does is to replace funds when somebody passes away; it can be used to pay off debt or to replace income. “It’s important for people to know there are life insurance products that have features that go well beyond the basic life insurance,” Rimnyak says.

When you purchase permanent life insurance, you may also build up a savings or investment account on the side.

However, there is a disclaimer.

“Within prescribed limits if the policy is paid out upon someone’s death then the insurance plus the investment are paid out tax free,” says Rimnyak.

Prior to the tax-free savings account, life insurance was virtually the only way for people to invest that was truly tax free.

“Unlike when you contribute to an RSP, you put money in and you get a tax deduction, but when you take it out it’s taxable,” says Rimnyak. “With a permanent life insurance policy or TFSA, the withdrawals could be tax free. These products can be used to complement one another.”

When it comes to disability insurance (DI), there is a very simple difference in how that is taxed.

“If the individual pays for DI themselves, if they ever have to collect on it, what they receive is tax-free,” says Rimnyak. “That’s advisable. If their disability insurance is provided as a benefit and paid for by the employer, it’s taxable income.”

Rimnyak offers one other good piece of advice.

If people buy travel insurance, it can be claimed on your tax return under medical expenses. And if you have not claimed it in the past, you can always go back and refile.

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