Asset Allocation in St. Thomas, ON

Regardless of income and financial goals, understanding asset allocation is crucial when planning investments and retirement. Action Financial Group, iA Private Wealth offers professional assistance for consumers wishing to put successful strategies into place.

What is Asset Allocation?

Although many think asset allocation is only a concern of the wealthy, it applies to anyone who wants to ensure a secure future. Dividing an investment portfolio up into various categories is the basis of asset allocation. Most portfolios include a combination of stocks, bonds, and cash. Stocks usually have the highest risk and return. Bonds are less risky but offer lower returns. Cash such as CDs and money markets are the safest investment with lowest return.

The combination of assets in a portfolio is a unique mixture based on personal factors such as income, time horizon, and individual risk tolerance. Time horizon is the amount of time an investor has to achieve a goal. For example, someone in their 20s beginning to save for retirement has a longer investment period, which enables waiting out market fluctuations. Someone who is older or saving for a more immediate goal will have a smaller time horizon. Risk tolerance is an investor’s comfort with potentially losing some or all of an original investment to achieve a greater return.

Strategic Plans

A strategic plan considers the expected rates of return for each asset and devises a mix that will achieve the investor’s goals. Because everyone has individual goals and finances, every plan is unique based on these factors. Action Financial Group, iA Private Wealth™ specializes in full consultation to learn these personal details. Then our team helps you create a strategic plan that will make your goals a reality.

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