Summary of Series

Hard to believe, but this is item 52 in our Orientation Series. We have talked about financial topics:
• Saving, Investing and Budgeting
o cash flow
o account types, investment types

• Income Tax
o why and how o how to reduce your income tax bill

• Borrowing
o debt, credit cards, mortgage and line of credit
o credit scores, credit reports

• Insurance
o general
o life
o disability
o critical illness
o long term care
o insurance for children
o why buy it

• Estate planning
o wills
o power of attorney
o acting as executor

• Fraud and identity theft

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Karin Rimnyak, Certified Financial Planner®

Investment Advisor

David Dryburgh, Certified Financial Planner­®
Investment Advisor

Ian Barrie, Certified Financial Planner®
Investment Advisor

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