The Value of Working With a Certified Financial Planner

Consider consulting a Certified Financial Planner® when planning and investing in your future. 

If you’ve ever considered seeking assistance with managing your money, you’re not alone. A growing number of Canadians are looking for financial partners to help them increase their personal finance knowledge, especially in the face of such uncertain economic times.

Ian Barrie, Certified Financial Planner® and investment advisor with Action Financial Group, ia Private Wealth, suggests that if you’re in need of someone to help you set some long-term objectives and get your personal finances on track, it’s best to select someone who holds a Certified Financial Planner® designation.

The CFP® designation, according to Barrie, is the most widely recognizable financial planning designation throughout North America. “A CFP®IS held to a higher standard,” he explains. “They’ve gone through certain qualification programs, specific education and courses, passed a national examination and have at least three years of experience in the financial planning field.

“The credentials attained are the first things to look for,” he continues. “Someone who’s a CFP® is highly regarded, and they’re considered to have a duty of loyalty to the client, so they have a legal duty to provide advice that is in the client’s best interest, over and above the interest in themselves.”

Barrie further explains that a CFP® considers an individual’s entire financial picture. “It’s not just about if you have investments and savings or something put away in case of a catastrophic event, which is so often what many people think about,” he says. “But a CFP® looks at the whole topic — investment analysis and implementation, tax planning, estate planning and risk management.

“With a CFP®, you truly have a full-fledged plan covering all these different aspects.”

More pertinent today, says Barrie, is the current state of the market. A dedicated and educated CFP® will be taking current affairs into consideration, ensuring that they’re helping you build a solid portfolio and safely getting you on the right track.

“No one can truly forecast what’s going to happen,” cautions Barrie. “But we like to control the things we can control, building a good portfolio and making sure certain check points are in place.”

Barrie assures that anyone can benefit from having a financial planner in some form or another, regardless of the level of income.

“Essentially, we’re your financial coach, we’re giving you advice, working with what you have to create a full plan based on that,” says Barrie. “The accountability to clients and the level to which we’re regulated ensures you’re getting the best service and the highest level of integrity.”

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